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Stephanie Carraro - Portfolio Web Photographie

Mont-Blanc (4807 meters, Italian side) and its alpine chain, Vanoise massif, Savoie France.

Panoramic mountain view from the peak of the Aiguille Rouge on december 2018.

A Photographer ////

Stephanie Carraro - Photographe Auteure

Stephanie Carraro is an Author Photographer of Nature, Landscape and Heritage.

A work of research of an in-situ significance and an aesthetic requirement

that transmits the Photograph of Territory for over twenty years.

"The real in all its performative power, this is the mind of my photography.

Initiated since my youngest years, my work is intended to bean aesthetic approach

to landscape and nature. Nature apprehends a resistance to reality in all its immanence:

open up to the infinity of potentialities and watch for the perfect moment.

Choosing the moment in roaming is giving meaning.

To set off is ultimately to be a demiurge for the time of a photograph.

My sense of the image enters fully into a series process.

Film and digital design, it is a plural collection with an art vocation."

Fine art prints are processed by her 

and custom printed by a french printer photo lab.

The purchase of a Artwork may allow for a french tax deduction.


Her artworks are exhibited,

selected in series and viewed online.

  and you will discover the results of the different shooting in digital and analog film. 




Acquire Framed Art Prints,

a professional quality and made in France.



Stephanie Carraro - Galerie Flickr
Stephanie Carraro - Galerie Flickr Polaroid
Stephanie Carraro - 500px



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Stephanie Carraro - Auteure Photographe
Stephanie Carraro - Photographie

Digital Photo Studio  ////

Stephanie Carraro is specialized in digital post-processing on professional software.

A work of the image to establish a serie at the same time coherent and an aesthetic rendering

most suitable for various media with the same requirement as for printing in Fine Art.


A know-how of digital processing on professional softwares

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Bridge & Affinity Photo. 

Edition of Landscape Panoramic serie.

Retouching & Pro Digital Image Processing.

Stephanie Carraro -Adobe  Photoshop CS6
Stephanie Carraro - Lightroom CS6
Stephanie Carraro - Bridge CS6
Stephanie Carraro - Affinity Photo

A Silver Print Darkroom ////

Stephanie Carraro - Laboratoire de Photographie Argentique

A Photography would not be what it's today

without the Silver Analog Photography in the laboratory, commonly called "the Dark Room". 

A practice initiated since my youngest years with Requirement, Rigor and Passion. 


Silver prints are monochrome Black & White rendering,

and printed on multigrade or baryta paper

Stephanie Carraro works with quality chemical products and papers Ilford & Foma,

for an incomparable aesthetic result.

From silver emulsion to emulsion transfer on art paper,

it is a plural practice that is proposed in the laboratory and in collective workshop.

The Prints are all from her own development lab,

Chemicals are kept and collected in the waste center.

Scan of Analog Negative & Positive Film, 

Art Prints

are numbered, signed

and accompanied by their certificate of authenticity.

Ancre 2

Restoration of Old Photography ////

Worker in Digital Retouching and Film Photography,

Stephanie Carraro is specialized in old photography and iconographic restoration.  

Even if these archives are very damaged by time ( folds, tears, stains, faded colors... etc ).

Serial work is possible.

Manual touch-ups on silver photo paper,

Digital Retouching, Chromium Improvement, Highlighting and Photomontage.

Digital Processing for each scanned image,

is realised  under professional software Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom & Affinity Photo .

Image Professional Management, Archiving & Cataloging.

The Estimate is free after examination of the document.

The final result will be edited by a digital file in high definition .

A printed and framed print is available .

Stephanie Carraro - Presentation Photographie
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