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A Photographer ////

As a Nature & Landscape Photographer.

A research of an significance and an aesthetic photo requirement

"Photography is a concept of memory, a life adventure.

I like to find in the image, a first piece of history for fear of being forgotten.

I decided to go find these little sub-worlds

which inhabit Nature and urban landscapes."

Digital art prints are processed only by me

and custom-made prints by a professional partner laboratory.

The papers chosen are a very high quality and are guaranteed for life. 

My pictures are exhibited and viewed on



which will show you the results of the different techniques,

in digital and analog shooting.



An Artwork edition is now available

on the online french Art library REVELLES.FR


Digital &

Analog Prints





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Digital Photo Studio  ////

Training initiated @ E.S.A.C.M, Fine Arts School of Clermont-Ferrand then continued @ E.S.R.A Paris

I practice Photography for over twenty years.


I am specialized in digital post-processing on professional software.

A work of the image necessary to establish a series at the same time coherent and an aesthetic rendering

most suitable for various media with the same requirement as for printing in Fine Art.

I have the know-how of digital processing on professional software

Adobe Creative Suite & Affinity Photo.

Silver Print Darkroom ////

stephanie carraro //// laboratoire de photographie argentique

My practice as photographer would not be what it is today

without Analog Photography in my lab called "the Darkroom".

It learned with requirement and passion, initiated since my youngest years.

Analog Silver prints are made in monochrome Black & White,

printed on very high quality multigrade or baryta paper.

The very aesthetic rendering is incomparable.

They are all from my own print lab.

The Fine Art Prints are numbered and signed

and accompanied by their certificate of authenticity.


Analog Photography Restoration ////

How precious it is to keep with oneself and one's family, family photos, missing relatives ...

Digital retouching specialist and in Analog Photography,


I bring back your old photos, even if they are very affected by the Time

( creases, tears, stains, faded colors ... etc ).

The quote is free after estimation.

The development of negative or ektachrome, well preserved,

is possible in my Silver Print, in 35mm and 120mm format.

Digital processing by scanned image,

is done under Adobe Photoshop & Affinity Photo.

The final result will be edited as a Digital file in High Definition.

A print is printed and framed by me, is possible on your request only.

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Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne, France    ////

Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne, France    ////

Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne, France    ////