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Stephanie Carraro - Revue de Presse

Filming of  the art show "P.I.L.S" for the TV News France 3 Auvergne, Les Arts en Balade Festival, Clermont-Fd. 

© Credit photo: Olivier Muhlhoff.

Les Arts en Balade  ////




Twenty-four years already of a meeting that artists and the public would not want to miss.

From Friday to Sunday, in Clermont-Ferrand, the arts invite everyone to take a stroll. (...)

Randomly galleries and workshops in Clermont-Ferrand open their doors to the public

to reveal all or part of the creations of local artists, as multiple as they are prolific.

143 artists distributed in more than 80 places (...)

As usual, crowds responded to this cultural program,

offered to all forms of expression: Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Engraving or Drawing ...

Where to see? And who to choose? Finally, there remains the age-old question of a good number of crossed onlookers,

plan and program in hand. Maybe the idea was just to hang out.


So from Jean-Claude Guerrero's "Extime" and intimate journal, made of collages and watercolors (...)

at Camille Fery's photographies "Contres-Espaces" ,

where the natural and the urban play against each other to answer each other, "Nomades Landes" by Stéphanie Carraro,

at the Fantastic Bestiary, combining wood and acrylic by Cécile Gambini,

to the Surrealist Busts by Marc Mauzat, including the "Pop Art" portraits by Annabelle Delage

or those tormented by Isabelle Martin ...


It is up to everyone to choose their favorites until this evening again, according to the countless possible walks.

An endless story that we never end enough.


Article signed by Patrick EHME  in the french newspaper La Montagne, Puy-de-Dôme, published on May 25, 2019.






For the very first 2019 Arts en Balade exhibition,

the Camille Claudel cultural center welcomes ten artists among whom the public is invited to choose their favorite.

This year, 143 artists will invest their works in the 83 exhibition places

spread over Clermont-ferrand, Chamalières, Beaumont, Aubière & Orcines.


Among them, 78 responded favorably to the request of the organizing association inviting them to participate

at the "Public's Favorite" competition,

imposing on the Jury, made up of professionals of the difficult choices, to retain Ten (*) candidacies finally.


Until May 26, the Camille Claudel culture center welcomes the lucky ones in a short circuit,

bringing together diverse artistic practices at the heart of the same space

than painting, photography, drawing or volume.


The exhibition aims to be the link between the wandering, which is characteristic of the Arts en Balade,

the artists and the public in an event recognized for its quality requirement.


(*) Chloe Bedet, Stephanie Carraro, Antoine Charbonnier, Gregoire Duchamp, Julie Etesse-Deneuvy,

Camille Fery, Jean-Claude Guerrero, Kajero, Olivier Muhlhoff, Marrit Veenstra Typo-M.


Article published in the french newspaper La Montagne, Puy-de-Dôme, on May 17, 2016.

Art'Air Festival  ////


A first artistic break brought us to meet Herve Corneille and Stephanie Carraro.

I have already told you about these two friends, they are two photographers that I like a lot,

whose poetic commitment rivals their humor, subtle or schoolboy,

and who, which does not spoil anything, are of great kindness and generosity.

They had for the occasion scattered works in a field:

hikers slalomed between photos and puns

and could even have fun with a magnifying filter to take some selfies.

Article signed by Ghislaine BORIE, from the article "Art'Air 2016" for the Culture Blog Magic Orange Plastic Bird said ... , November 05, 2016.  

Chateldon between Faces & Landscapes  ////



The three photographers in the presence of the Mayor Tony Bernard, Caroline Dalet as a city councilor

and Gilbert Gautheron, a city councilor and the curator of this exhibition.

Wednesday June 29, 2016, took place in the presence of Tony Bernard, mayor of the town,

the opening of the first exhibition of the cultural season.

Stephanie Carraro, Hervé Corneille and Michel Ungar,

three artist photographers surveyed Chateldon for several months.

They delivered for the public, the result of their artworks.

For once then, it was the commune that was in the spotlight.


Michel Ungar who considers himself a strolling but informed photographer,

had taken over the ground floor of the Old Pharmacy art center.

Except for a few rare Chateldon people caught on his spots, his photos showed an unusual Chateldon town :

visitors can guess the location of such a door or a section of wall.


Stephanie Carraro and Herve Corneille had them, invested the room of the first floor

and offered another look at the village.

In an approach close to that of Raymond Depardon

( after having visited the "France" exhibition in 2011 at the BNF, Paris France editor's note ),

Stephanie Carraro, graphic designer in Clermont-Ferrand, was keen to take a look at this project initiated by the town.

A subtle work in the composition: it captures the ambient light and stages the silence of a deserted afternoon.


Herve Corneille defines himself as an urban explorer who has walked the streets with a harsard.

He's a photographer of the moment, on the lookout for detail, the bird passing by, the door falling

and nobody pays attention to, or planks nailed to the wall.


Article published in the french newspaper La Gazette de Thiers, July 07, 2016.



Three companions, united by the same passion for photography, joined their artwork for a year

to create an exhibition that they present on the two floors of the cultural center the Old Pharmacy

from the city of Chateldon, until July 17, 2016.


During the opening, Gilbert Gautheron, city councilor in charge of the cultural season,

surrounded by mayor Tony Bernard and county councilor Caroline Dalet,

highlighted all the interest of presenting to the public, the fruit of this work on the town.

Three generations, three visions (...) who took a new and different look at the medieval village,

through its houses, its recesses, its nature but also its inhabitants and the pupils of the municipal school.


Herve Corneille let himself be guided towards the architecture of the buildings, the colors, the shadows and the lights.

He raised his vision by imagining a hopscotch game.


Stephanie Carraro, influenced by emeritus photographer Raymond Depardon and his urban landscapes,

immortalized most of the storefronts and signs in Center-Bourg.


Michel Ungar was looking for the villager, sometimes in a quirky manner but also for the street detail that we do not notice.


In practice: exhibition until July 17 included, at the Ancienne Pharmacie, place Jean Jaurès, in Chateldon.

Open Wednesday to Sunday, from 3.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.

Free entrance.


Article signed by Jacques FRAZIAK (text and photo) for the french newspaper La Montagne ,Thiers, on July 01, 2016.

Expolaroid Festival  ////



The month of April is dedicated to the Polaroid.

Events are organized throughout France: exhibitions, competitions and workshops.

In Clermont-Ferrand, four exhibitions are to be discovered:

"Mon Pola et moi"at Espace Renan, Credit Mutuel,

"Regional Logs", a collective exhibition at Victoire Place,

"La Politesse du Pola"at Sidoluth Workshop, Barnier Street 4th,

an exhibition of polaroids by Stephanie Carraro, Marie Thenot and Herve Corneille

with a bonus, some polas by Nobuyoshi Araki, April 8th - 18th and 28th, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

"Polar et Polaroids" an exhibition by Alain Guillemaud until April 9, at the Volcanoes Library.


There will also be a Safari-Pola on April 16, I participated in the edition of last year (...)

and a writing competition at the Volcanoes Library: just choose one of the photos on display and

imagine a short story (max. 20 lines) and original around it.

Sidoluth will offer personalized Portraits workshops "Polaroid can be weird"

April 14 and 15, by Stephanie Carraro and Marie Thenot then by appointment until April 28.


Article signed by Margaux DAGOT for her french Culture Blog SAUVAZINE , April 04, 2016.

Les Arts en Balade  ////



"Sidoluth, a place I find wonderful!

It is with great pleasure that I returned to this workshop.

Herve Corneille, an infallible eye and magnificent photographs.

I love the universe of this artist.

With him, I discovered the work of Stephanie Carraro ( La Paloma Blanche ), a talented photographer

with a series on magnificent Naples, as well as one on the desert.

Her work in digital and film is meticulous, the photographs are incredible!

Thank you both for your kindness and your welcome."


Article signed by Margot DAGOT , Extract from Reports Les AEB 2015 for her french Blog Culture SAUVAZINE , May 30, 2015.






"To see the instruments and the artisanal work of the luthier Yoann Bouchet!

There, I was a little forced to pass. Herve had promised me a gift for my birthday (...), an original print.

I did not leave him with one, nor two but three draws.

Two by Herve and one by Stéphanie (Ingrid) Carraro, alias La Paloma Blanche.

Hervé is a photographer of the moment, on the lookout for detail, for the passing bird,

of the door that tumbles down and that no one is paying attention to,

falling seed or boards nailed to the wall.

He is also a poet who likes to say a few words, Ha ïku style, under his snapshots.

An uncompromising fart too, who doesn't have his tongue in his pocket and

don't hesitate to say when he doesn't like it

(I have some memories of him at an exhibition at the Fonfreyde Hotel... I didn't like it either!)

With sweet Stephanie, they mixed their photographs, color & black and white,

for results of a confusing naturalness, superposition of complementary and obvious atmospheres.

For its part, La Paloma Blanche pins the streets of Naples and the beaches of Gruissan.

For my greatest pleasure, faded leaves of lilac that she retouches over and over again

without anyone suspecting anything, to give them the supple appearance of silk.

Like Herve Corneille, she is not stingy with her good words.

From his postcards, I chose a solitary pink bench placed in the middle of Nature.

A poetic composition that has proven to be a criticism of French Education.

I will keep the poetic, without forgetting the original intention ;)

Many thanks to Stephanie-Ingrid and Herve for their precious gifts.


Article signed by Ghislaine BORIE , Extract from reports Les AEB 2015 for her french Blog Culture The magic orange plastic bird said ... , May 30, 2015.

Lezoom sur l'Art  ////



(...) The photographs exhibited at the Saint-Georges Chapel are the fruit of a project

around a disused cutlery workshop in Thiers of the Thiers Collective.

(...) Stéphanie (-Ingrid) Carraro who likes to treat the object outdoors and set it in motion.

(...) Mélanie Ranval, Stéphanie Carraro, Hervé Corneille, Nicolas Barthélémy and Yves Touzin.


Article (extracts) signed by Sonia ROUSSY for the french newspaper La Montagne, Dore & Allier , June 12, 2014.

Stephanie Carraro - La Paloma Blanche Serigraphie

Thiers & Tranches d'Art  ////


The commune of Lezoux offers each spring a meeting of contemporary art aimed at 

freedom of culture and the promotion of art contemporary creation which is sometimes poorly known

or misunderstood by the inhabitants of the territory.

The "Lezoom sur l'art 2014" edition will take place this year from Friday June 6 to Sunday June 8,

at the Maison du Peuple and at the Saint-Georges chapel.

On the occasion of this event, the public will be able to meet and discuss with around thirty exhibitors,

plastic artists, painters, collagists, sculptors, ceramists or photographers.

A welcome for schoolchildren on Friday will help raise awareness among this public.

on the place of the artist in contemporary creation.

Throughout the weekend, participants will be invited to browse

the 3 exhibition levels of the "Maison du Peuple", Art & Culture Center.

The artists of the Thiers photo collective, including Melanie Ranval and Stephanie Carraro,

will exhibit at the Saint-Georges chapel.

This free event will be open to the public from Friday to Sunday inclusive from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Article signed by Maud TURCAN (Text & Photo) for the newspaper La Montagne, Thiers sector , May 04, 2014.



A collective of photographic artists have taken over a former cutlery workshop in the city center of Thiers.

Right in the city center, away from the hustle and bustle of life, still hide old cutlery workshops

that have remained "in their original state".

Spared by time, they bear witness to the history of the town of Thiers.

It is one of those places which serves as a playground

for several Clermont-Ferrand photographers.grouped around this atypical place,

hence the name "Le Collectif Thiers".

From the street, one cannot imagine for a second the succession of workshops

which follow one another on the hillside,above the Durolle Valley.

Connected by stairs with uneven steps, the rooms blackened by the fire of the forge

and the grease of the machines, are strangely bathed in light thanks to huge windows.

It is this light that struck Hervé Corneille, the one by whom this adventure was born.

In contact with the owner of the premises, it was he who encouraged other photographers to join him

"to make individual creations that should be grouped together in a collective exhibition.

Initially, the idea was to photograph this place with different photographic techniques

(Pinhole, Camera, Digital, Film ...)

by associating Video, Writing, Painting to share this heritage. "

confides Hervé Corneille who has been working for three years to showcase the industrial heritage.

For the ten other artists participating in the project, the old workshop reveals countless treasures.

It emerges from its walls, an unusual atmosphere, disturbing like the day after a disaster,

bewitching like the reserves of a museum ...

Glass roofs are no longer a means of bringing in light but a subject in their own right for Yves Touzin.

The stairs become more human with traffic jams of passers-by for Mélanie Ranval.

The corners lined with cobwebs become enigmatic models of futuristic architecture

under the watchful eye of Nicolas Barthélémy.


This story-laden atmosphere can also make you "uncomfortable", as Stéphanie Carraro testifies:

"It seems that time has stopped dead there, that the place has been abandoned, having left everything in place, overnight.His story is sad with this disturbing feeling of being together a bit like in Chernobyl, the day after the nuclear explosion... "

confides the young photographer. So she preferred to focus on production objects

that she stages (in-situ) in a small corner of greenery, outside the studio.

"It's a real Ali-Baba's cave inside: there are old production machines, administrative papers,

helmets from calendars dating from 1982 ...

and a whole bunch of production objects stored here and there which, once dusted, degreased and cleaned,

were used as raw material for my achievements.

This was my approach to revive this place to which we have become attached, each in his own way. "

"Today, a year after the first shots, we have reached a stage which will be presented at Lezoom sur l'Art, in June. (...) There is still work to be done but we are already going to present a preview. project." confides Hervé Corneille.

Exhibition at St George's Chapel Lezoux, in June 2014.

Hervé Corneille , Nicolas Barthélémy , Stéphanie Carraro , Jean-Christophe Leroy , Mélanie Ranval and Yves Touzin .

Article signed by Maud TURCAN for the La Montagne newspaper, Thiers sector , April 28, 2014.

Les Plumots Edition  ////


Palabres, Palabras ... the exhibition at Ballainvilliers Café, gives pride of place to Art and Words.

Take it literally with humor!

Photographs, Paintings and Creations around Tightrope Walking, until April 22 at Café Ballainvilliers.

Do not ask the Brunet sisters how the "Palabras" Association ( means"Words" in Occitan ) it was born:

Sophie and Marie-Cecile will lose you in astonishing explanations, on a game of scrabble with their mother.

The girls have a strong desire to speak about the words created at that time.

Palabras and its version Plumots, had just been born.

One day, Plumots became Plum'art: the exhibition that started yesterday at the Ballainvilliers Cafe,

marks this transformation.

Word Clash, Weight of Photos.

Words and words, yes, but not only : images on words, paintings and photos,

all on the theme of wire and tightrope walker.

More precisely of the one who crossed on a wire, the space between the two Twin Towers of Manhattan.

Twenty two...

The exhibition was installed Monday evening (our photo): it shows twenty-two photos, paintings,

engravings and other objects, all having been created around the thread.

A breadcrumb between creativity and fantasy, difference and originality,

with words, always words, nothing but words ...


Article signed by Jacques TESTUD for the french newspaper La Montagne, Puy-de-Dôme , April 16, 2014.



They all took their best pen to play.

With words but not only.

Plumots and Plum'arts also gave pride of place to artistic creation.

Yesterday at the Ballainvilliers Café in Clermont-ferrand.

From the feat of tightrope walker Philippe Petit, who had made eight round trips between

the two towers of the World Trade Center

at 417 meters above the ground in 1974, players had to write a text or create an artwork.

A jury made up in particular of Jean-Claude Saurel,

President of the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival,

elected yesterday at the Café Ballainvilliers in Clermont-Ferrand, the best productions.


The Plumot d'Or went to Llibert Tarrago, the Plumot d'Argent to Antoine Lopez, the Plumot de Bronze to Gilles Audebert

and the Special Jury Prize to Jean-Christophe Rougeron.

The Plum'art d'Or goes to Charline Montagne, the Plum'art d'Argent to Stephanie Carraro

and the Plum'art de Bronze to Alain Puygrenier.

The Special Prize was awarded to Vinz.


Article signed by Sébastien GIRAUD for the french newspaper La Montagne, Puy-de-Dôme, April 20, 2014.  

Photo Stories  ////



As part of the 5th Edition of the "Photo Stories" exhibition, organized by the O.R.A.C.L.E Association

( Regional Office for Cultural Action, Links and Exchanges ),

a Restoration Workshop for Old Photographs led by Stéphanie Carraro,

will take place on Wednesday January 22, 2014, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

In the Vialatte Showroom of the Culture Center of Clermont-ferrand.


Article published on the french newspaper La Montagne, Puy-de-Dôme  , January 21, 2014.



A double tribute to photographer Albert Monier and the writer Henri Pourrat.

The 5th edition "Photo Stories" is currently being held in the Salle Chavignier of the Maison de la Culture.

Workshops open to the public are organized today.

Organized by the ORACLE Association (Regional Office for Cultural Action, Links and Exchanges),

the new edition of the "Photo Stories" exhibition scans the different techniques of this art,

confronting the silver age with the digital era.

For 35 years, ORACLE has worked to promote regional artists

by uniting the municipalities in the cultural life of the region. (...)

For this 5th edition, twenty photographers, amateurs and professionals, are highlighted at the Culture Center,

until January 25 inclusive.

This year, the organizers pay a double tribute to Albert Monier and Henri Pourrat

through original black & white prints. (...)

A slideshow entitled "5005 meters in Nepal" by Marcel Sergère, January 15 from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

An initiation to studio shooting will be led by Gilles Garmy with Louis Vidal for a mat making workshop,

Tuesday January 21, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The restoration of old photographs will be animated by Stephanie Carraro, Wednesday January 22 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.


Article published in the french newspaper La Montagne, Puy-de-Dôme, January 15, 2014.



For its 4th edition, the exhibition "Photo Stories" is present in two places simultaneously

and offers free entertainment to the public.

An exhibition organized by the O.R.A.C.L.E Association, is open every day, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. until Sunday, January 20

in two exhibition places: the Maison des Associations and the Maison de la Culture, in Clermont-Ferrand.

This exhibition aims to present to the public the different expressions and techniques, from black and white to color,

from film to digital, from shooting to computer image processing.

Thirty photographers from the Clermont-Ferrand region are gathered for this cultural event which brings together nearly 200 photos.

Allowing people to admire potraits, pastoral or urban landscapes, abstractions...

Patrice Dhumes is the guest of honor for this 4th edition: his portraits and landscapes are influenced by Pictorialism.

His photographs are taken using ancient processes such as bichromate gum and cyanotipe.

Jacques Mary, president of the ORACLE association, praises the attractiveness of the association:

An exhibition that is part of the registration of the Chaîne des Puys and the Faille de Limagne U.N.E.S.C.O heritage


Article published in the french newspaper La Montagne, Puy-de-Dôme, on January 17, 2013.

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