stephanie carraro //// dessins - etudes tout medium

Illustration //// Story-Board //// Lettering

With my experience Fine Arts,

I work in Composition and Image Aesthetics.

I was initiated very early to an assiduous practice in Drawing,

then to the study of Painting and the History of Art.

An interest still in activity to enrich an ever- expanding culture of

Graphic Arts, 

A practice of Lettering and Calligraphy.

Digital Drawing //// Patterns //// 2D Animation

My digital production is a continuum

from a knowledge of Image Aesthetics and enriched with fine arts experience & filming

to perfect my graphic work on professional software and peripherals.


From Digital Design to Gif & 2D Animation,

a patchwork of my recent achievements in artistic and graphic creation is presented here.

To follow me and share with you

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" Credits are the subtle Art of mixing Image, Typography & Music."


Collaborative, Institutional & Documentary Short Films.

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