stephanie carraro //// dessins - etudes tout medium

Illustration //// Story-Board //// Lettering

From an early and assiduous initiation to Drawing, confirmed in university studies

through the practice of Plastic Arts in Art School,

I still practice today the classical study of Painting and Drawing.

With an ever more abundant interest

to enrich my knowledge in Graphic Arts and Typography.

I also practice Lettering as well as classical European and Arabic Calligraphy.

Digital Drawing //// Patterns //// 2D Animation

From Digital Design to Gif & 2D Animation, my digital production is a continuum

knowledge in Image Aesthetics and enriched with artistic experiences,

to perfect my graphic work on Professional Software and more.

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" Credits are the subtle Art of mixing Image, Typography & Music."

stephanie carraro //// la paloma blanche motion presentation

Student of Fine Arts,

I made two short films in analog animation called "Old fashioned", Image by Image :


The Triangle Making Machine (Cut papers, Painting, Tangram game)

Fafa & Marinette (Mixed media, Photographs)

I continued my studies in Photography & Audiovisual at the École Supérieure de l'Image, ESRA Paris.

My skills in 2D Animation were acquired through additional training in

ARIES Higher School of Computer Graphics (now Aries Brassart),

for a diligent practice on Adobe software for animation:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects & Adobe Flash.

The SWF format being permanently deleted from the web,

Viewing 2D animations and interactive sequences designed with Adobe Flash,

will be available soon.

  • Vimeo - Black Circle


Personal Short Films with Poetic & Experimental vocation.

A research work focused on the aesthetic assembly of Image, Typography & Music.

  • YouTube - Black Circle


Collaborative, Institutional & Documentary Short Films.

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Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne, France    ////