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Stephanie Carraro is a Graphic designer and a landscape Photographer.

She lives and works in her hometown Clermont-Ferrand and in Aix-Les-Bains,

Auvergne Rhône Alps, region of France.


Graduated from E.S.A.C.M, High School of Fine Arts at Clermont-Ferrand Metropole, France,

she acquired her professional skills 

on pro softwares, in Visual Communication & 2D Animation

at A.R.I.E.S ( Brassart Art School ) since 2008 to 2010, France.

Today, she combines her creative spirit and her know-how

A proximity for local businesses and professional for Companies

and support for people projects.

She works for public institutions,

in partnership with associations with a social and cultural vocation, recognized as being of public utility.

Through his exhibited artistic work, it is actively associated with the cultural life of her region.


stephanie carraro - design land art - pi

La Paloma Blanche's a Design Studio & a Workshop of Art,

A synthesis of creation and design as a creative multidisciplinary suite.

An identity which unites three origins: the South of Spain, the Center of France & the North of Italy.

"La Paloma Blanche" from a popular piece of Latin music named La Paloma by Sebastián de Yradier y Salaverri,

which played when she was children on the chromatic accordion.

Nature is her passion, it is a vector of inspiration and creation.

It gives her a lot to learn, for the exploration of preserved natural and cultural spaces

in France, in Europe and in the Middle East.

Living in Auvergne and Alps, she practices Mountain Hiking and Nature Sports.

 She is passionate about History, Art History, Literature, Travels, Photography, Cinema and Music.


Present on social web, to bring you her own art style

and her expertise in all content digital creation.

Different possibilities of collab are proposed

If your product, service & company have the same ways

and the values ​​that are hers.


Creation of visual pictures and photos that will give you the desired ambiance and inspired.

They will surely highlight your product, your service or your destination.

An assignment of rights which will be effective for all your print media, web and social networks. 

Terms of Sale

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